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COVID-19 creates a crisis for the Alma Doepel project

At the time the COVID Stage 4 restrictions closed our work site to volunteers and visitors, we were still on track with the project.

Now, COVID-19 has delayed a critical donation. The project is at risk.

Our Shipwright team has been doing a wonderful job but their time with us is dependent on continuing funding. We had funding earmarked from a committed donation timed to pay for the remaining essential work.

COVID-related events have forced a lengthy delay in payment of the donation, but we need to fund the shipwrights to finish making the hull watertight for the return to water.

To replace the ‘lost’ donation and keep the shipwrights working, we must raise $72,000!

Given this sudden crisis the project plan has been revised and every dollar available will now go to maintaining the shipwright team on site to finish the essential hull work which needs their skill and expertise.

This must be done by the end of November to allow time for painting before the Christmas break.

You, our wonderful donors, have successfully reached the target on the recent plank and caulking campaigns. Your directors have contributed more than $20,000 to keep the shipwrights with us. We are asking you to join them so that we can say by the end of November that Alma’s is watertight. We are calling it the ‘Watertight’ campaign.

This funding crisis has meant we must reschedule the return to water (aiming for first quarter 2021) and also suspend the propulsion campaign you have recently donated to for propellers, shafts and bow thruster tunnel. Once the shipwright work is done and the hull is watertight, we can again turn our attention to those essential items Alma needs to return to the water.

Please help keep the shipwrights working! 

You can donate online on this page

All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible

A tax receipt will be issued 

All donors are recorded in the history of the ship

By donating you are leaving a legacy for all to see

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Help get Alma watertight

Support us to get Alma Doepel watertight by the end of November 2020.

We need to keep the shipwrights working.

The COVID-19 crisis which has hit the project is explained on this page. We need to fund the shipwrights to finish making the hull watertight by the end of November 2020.

To do that, we have to raise $72,000.

With your help we can turn our current COVID-created crisis into an achievement.

Please be as generous as you can.

You can donate online right here



Left: Generous Alma supporters of the Caulking project provided the oakum for caulking of the hull seams, as seen in this picture.

Right: One of the two A-frames which support the propeller shafts, in position for bolting to the hull after the hole for the starboard propeller shaft was drilled through 1 meter of timber. The alignment is critical and this work is one of the tasks to be completed by the shipwrights by the end of November so that the hull is watertight.