Wish List

The wish list has been set up so you can see which needs are most pressing for the restoration. Donors will be recognised on the Honour Board.

Hull planks (spotted gum): 240 @ $500 each Total $120,000 

6-7m slabs or boards of spotted gum, cut from renewable forest in NSW. New planks have been fitted to port and starboard sides above the waterline. The next major phase of restoration is to replace the planks on the bottom of the ship. Donate $500 by clicking here.

Ship nails and “dumps”: 3,000 @ $3 Total $9,000

Alma’s planking nails (deck spikes) and heavy-duty plank fastenings (dumps) are made to order from Australian steel at Greg Sewell Forgings, a traditional forging company in Melbourne. Each of the 300 spotted gum planks that make up the watertight skin of the ship’s hull is fastened to the frames with approximately 10 nails, dumps or bolts – a total of 3,000 fastenings for the hull. Email us to arrange your donation.

Water tanks (completion of welding) Total $9,000

Alma has two fresh water tanks fitted in the engine room. They each hold around 2,000 litres of water for drinking, cooking and washing. The old tanks were badly rusted and cannot be re-used. A steel fabrication company near Ballarat, Taydan Sheetmetal, has started to build new tanks and funds are needed to complete the welding work. Email us to arrange your donation.

Bow thruster and tunnel Total $45,000

A bow-thruster is a sideways acting propeller used to assist manoeuvring. The timbers in the hull have already been cut to suit the replacement unit. The work to fit the unit and to make a watertight seal must be completed before the ship can be re-launched. The unit needs to be ordered and delivered from the manufacturer in England as soon as possible to ensure that installation and planking are completed efficiently and correctly. Email us to arrange your donation.