Donate now to Float Alma in 2020

We need your help to get Alma Doepel off her restoration barge

by the target date of 30 November 2020

The restoration team is on schedule, in spite of COVID-19, and the final stages of work on the hull are well in hand.

To achieve our return to water target date we need funds to complete two major tasks on the hull to make it watertight; caulking the hull plank seams, and fitting of the underwater propulsion elements; port and starboard propellers and shafts, and the bow thruster tunnel.

The Caulking project started some time ago to purchase quality oakum and glues to seal the hull plank seams. We are closing in on the $25,000 target with $5,000 to go.

The Propulsion project pays for supply and fitting of two propellers ($19,000), their shafts ($10,000), and the bow thruster tunnel in the bow of the ship ($5,000). Total cost $34,000.

The two projects, totalling $39,000must be completed to return Almato the water.

With your help we can meet our targets for both projects and see Almaafloat again within the next 100 days 

You can donate online on this page

All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible

A tax receipt will be issued

All donors are recorded in the history of the ship

By donating you are leaving a legacy for all to see

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Have a part of the ship in your name or in the names of your family. Plaques recording your legacy gift are fixed to the ship. All sponsorship donations are tax deductible.

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Help get Alma afloat by 30 November 2020

Support our two projects to ensure Alma Doepel returns to the water in the next 100 days..

CAULKING Project - $5,000 to go to meet the $25,000 costs for best quality Danish oakum and glue. Help us keep the team caulking!

PROPULSION Project- Help us fit port and starboard propellers and shafts and the bow thruster tunnel before Alma returns to the water. Total cost $34,000

Total to raise to fund the two projects within the next 100 days – $39,000

Please be as generous as you can. You can donate online

Let’s get the barometer to $39,000


Left: Generous Alma supporters of the Caulking campaign have provided the oakum to get caulking of the hull seams underway. We need to hit the campaign target to keep the team working.

Right: One of the two A-frames which support the propeller shafts is hoisted to the starboard side of the hull ready for bolting to the hull. The shafts pass through the hull to the engine room and must be fitted before the ship can return to the water. Your support for the Propulsion campaign will be greatly appreciated.