Donate now to Float Alma in 2020

The Alma Doepel Restoration Project is now in the final stages of hull restoration to return the ship to the water; November 2020 is the target date. It is a tight schedule and, as is usually the case with projects such as ours, is conditional on funding.

The Sail & Adventure Limited Board works continuously to seek major funding sources for what is a $3.5million project. To date, more than $2million of that target has been raised.

Donations from supporters, both individuals and corporates is an essential part of the fundraising mix. Most recently, donors raised in record time the money needed to buy the final planks to complete Almas hull restoration and ensured the timber would be available as needed.

The last underwater hull plank was fitted to the ship on 21 May 2020, with a final goldnail driven in to mark the occasion.

That was followed byfairingor smoothing the surface of the hull; the result can be seen in the picture below. Now comescaulkingof the seams to make the hull watertight. For this process we need oakum from Denmark ($15,000) and marine glue ($10,000). With shipping costs from Denmark for the oakum the total needed is $25,000.

With the planking complete and to be ready for caulking to start in July we have placed the order for the oakum.

May we count on your support with the caulking appeal?

Remember, donations are tax deductible.


All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be issued.

All donors are recorded as part of the history of the ship.

Sponsor enquiries to or call 0412 570 196

Alma Doepel-Replanking complete-Jun2020 copy

Help us Float Alma in 2020 – Donate Now

Our current fundraising campaign to get Alma back in the water in 2020 is for caulking of the hull:

  • $15,000 for oakum to fill the seams – the best quality comes from Denmark
  • $10,000 for marine glue for the seams

Target: $25,000


Please donate as generously as you can


21 May 2020: A major phase of Alma Doepel’s restoration comes to an end as the last ‘gold’ nail is set up to be driven to secure the final hull plank. Fairing is now completed, too (see picture at left), and now comes caulking.